“Undertaking investigations on a global scale is a hard job to do properly. There are many legal and ethical considerations, and the covert infiltration of supply chains requires a high degree of sophistication and buying power. It is essential to appear 100% credible at every stage.”

Your investigative partner

When working with you, you can be assured that we will always focus on your objectives, communicate effectively with you and in real time, and understand your budgets.

IntraOrbis has the experience and proven track record to be your investigative partner with:

  • Over 13 years of real and measurable success
  • A global footprint with recognisable and established lawful methodologies
  • A long-standing service provider to clients throughout the world
  • Unparalleled insight into the workings of infringers, counterfeiters and grey marketers
  • Well-established and unique set of investigative resources
  • A business model that provides significant resilience, reach and capability
  • A dedicated back office team working with customised case management and Chain of Custody procedures

The right contacts

We have long-established relationships with key personnel with the right skills and talents, located in strategic locations throughout the world.

A business that stands up to scrutiny

Our investigations are fully compliant with all relevant business laws and regulations and have been rigorously vetted by the appropriate authorities.

Data Protection

IntraOrbis is a registered Data Controller (IOC Registration Number Z1128797). We regard appropriate privacy practices as a key element of our corporate governance and accountability.

To find out more, call us on 01206 656118 or email info@intraorbis.co.uk