” IntraOrbis is an exceptional service provider, offering bespoke solutions to complex and demanding situations. Their expertise within the area of specialized investigations is both world class and internationally compatible with leaders in their field and excellent in their delivery. ”

Director Global Brand Intelligence & Global Anti-Counterfeiting Programs

Our activities are wide and varied, working with leading corporations, specialist lawyers and/or law enforcement agencies.

Some of the more common types of investigation we undertake include:


Fraud is a diverse and often complicated crime which, enabled by technology, is increasing exponentially. IntraOrbis has the knowledge and experience to provide investigative support regardless of the type of fraud, and regardless of where that fraud occurs.

Technology can play a significant part in these types of investigations and we can call on experts who use sophisticated technology and research skills to tackle cyber-crime, online fraud and fraud in the real world.

We recognise that each case is different, as will be the desired outcomes but with our many years’ experience we can provide lawful and innovative strategies to capture all relevant data.

Grey market

Grey market and diverted goods represent lost revenue and potentially destabilises an established distribution network. They can compromise brand reputation and risk that products are not compliant with specific regulations of the territory.

Brand protection and intellectual property infringement

There is no ‘Silver Bullet’ solution to combat intellectual property infringers, counterfeiters, grey marketers or smugglers. Successful programs have a multi-layered approach which combines the expertise of the investigator, and specialist lawyers or law enforcement. We support many global brand protection programs which are fully-compliant, business-led and outcome-focused. We have advised and assisted clients to set up and run their own bespoke programs.

Counterfeit goods

Investigating counterfeit goods goes beyond defending profits.  For our clients, it is about protecting the public from fraudulent sales, inferior, unsafe or even dangerous goods. We are experts at identifying counterfeiters, the counterfeit supply chain from manufacture, distribution and supply. We provide evidence to dismantle and seriously disrupt them whilst working with specialist lawyers to recover proceeds of crime.

Sales and discount fraud

Even the most vigilant of companies can fall prey to sales and discount fraud, where the products in question pass through intermediaries and are not received by the agreed end user. This is a growing problem that affects internal business processes and profitability, which IntraOrbis is well-placed to tackle though use of our Specialist Business Facilities.

Civil Action investigations

Working with outside counsel/specialist lawyers we help convert IP enforcement into a profit centre. We track and trace individuals and/or their assets, collecting admissible evidence to support civil injunctions such as search, freezing and disclosure orders.

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