Evidential purchasing services (also known as test purchasing) conducted to the highest legal standard, applicable in all forms of judicial proceedings.

Using extensive investigative facilities at our disposal, we are able to make simple or complex, real world or online, evidential purchase of goods suspected of being counterfeit, grey market or fraudulent in most regions of the world. Purchases may vary from an online ‘click & buy’ transaction or a simple ‘in-person’ cash purchase, to the more sophisticated direct engagement of an established supply chain operating outside the law.

Admissible evidence

IntraOrbis has unrivalled expertise, and operates to uncompromising standards which enables evidence to be used to support legal proceedings, criminal or civil. All investigations are carefully constructed, complete with all relevant documentation, to support further action, be it seizure of goods and assets and/or law enforcement or civil action.

Secure storage facilities

We have 700m2 of secure warehousing at our headquarters, available for the storage and inspection of goods purchased/seized.

To find out more, call us on 01206 656118 or email info@intraorbis.co.uk