Trains ferrying fakes from China to EU should be ‘on radar’

Counterfeiters could exploit the rail links between China and the EU to further their trade in fake goods, a new report has revealed as an emerging threat.

According to the latest situation report into counterfeiting and piracy in Europe – published by Europol and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) – maritime shipping containers are still the main transportation method for counterfeits arriving in the EU from Asia but the long-distance cargo trains from China “offer a possibility for quick and relatively cheap transportation of goods and could be abused by criminals”.

The report, which intends to update policymakers, practitioners, businesses and the general public on the current counterfeiting and piracy landscape in the European Union, builds on the observations of the 2015 situation report and offers insight into some of the emerging counterfeiting and piracy trends that have developed since 2015.

Although shipping containers are a cheap and largely preferred option for counterfeiters, transportation can take up to six weeks, while Beijing to London by train, a distance of nearly 12,000km, only takes 18 days, about half the time of maritime consignments.


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