The focussed and strategic gathering of relevant data

Every investigation begins and ends with relevant data. Anyone, anywhere can access an overwhelming amount of data which means you can waste time looking for the “needle in a haystack”.

We provide clear and actionable data. Our expertise, broad industry experience and global reach enable us to act as a crucial resource for clients seeking to make informed, and often commercially sensitive decisions. We take an investigative approach to data collection, with a clear focus on the “problem” and the people behind it.  This results in a more cost-effective and results-driven service for our clients.

” I have found IntraOrbis always provides a prompt and professional service, excellent engagement and quality deliverables, a pleasure to work with ”

Director of Investigations
Financial Institution

Converting “data” into intelligence designed for action

Our bespoke data collection services go beyond merely “gathering data”, which ultimately can be difficult to understand.  IntraOrbis has the experience and strategic insight to convert data into intelligence designed for action, in a way that supports positive decision making.

We also use Sentinel Visualizer, an advanced visualisation and geospatial mapping software that helps us to analyse and present data in a meaningful way.

We are experts in providing professional and well-presented intelligence, which has been used to open or support criminal/civil cases in many countries.

Our data collection activities may include:

  • Supply chain and distribution network audits to establish the prevalence of counterfeit or grey stock
  • Contract compliance within supply chain and distribution network
  • Sales and discount fraud
  • Unlicensed sales and distribution
  • Online retailers using popular retail websites such as eBay, Amazon, Gumtree and more
  • Investigations into corporate fraud
  • Asset tracing and recovery

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