€10m for blockchain-based food fraud project

An EU-China partnership has scored €10m in funding to improve food safety and fight fraud in one of the world’s largest food safety initiatives.

The EU-China Safe project, tapping into funds from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, involves more than 30 partners from the food industry, research organisations and governments, including 15 partners from the EU and 18 from China.

The project aims to reduce food fraud and improve food safety by focusing on improving food legislation, food inspection and increasing access to information across both continents. The project will also look at ways to predict and prevent future food fraud.

Food products including infant formula, processed meat, fruit, vegetables, honey, spices and wine will be a focus for their vulnerability to chemical contamination and fraud.

“The EU-China Safe partnerships between two trading regions is of immense importance to help deliver safe and genuine food to all citizens,” said Professor Yongning Wu, chief scientist from the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment and co-ordinator of Chinese efforts within the project.

“Working together across China and the EU will enable us to identify where food fraud is happening, address the root causes and thereby enable us to improve food safety standards for all our citizens.”


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