” I have found IntraOrbis always provides a prompt and professional service, excellent engagement and quality deliverables, a pleasure to work with ”

Director of Investigations (CS&I)
Financial Institution

IntraOrbis provides standard and advanced investigative due diligence services on an international scale, encompassing the ethical and lawful gathering of open source, real world or online information.

We deliver comprehensive, clear and meaningful reports that support informed and strategic decision making, and our services are tailored to the needs of each client.

With a global network of trusted resources and considerable experience to call upon, we go beyond simple research to cover detailed analysis and actionable risk management information.

Investigative due diligence is a standard requirement of most investigations, but what does it involve? Anyone can “research” via a search engine but our investigative experience and professional creativity adds considerably more value. The three main components are as follows:

Desktop Research

Conventional search engines are extremely powerful tools, but there are limits.

Document Retrieval

Documents are still available as a reliable and collectable record from government offices, archives and libraries.

Human Intelligence

IntraOrbis has the expert skills to corroborate and analyse information discreetly obtained from human sources, which can be susceptible to bias and conjecture.

Track and Trace

Operating across a broad range of business sectors and environments, IntraOrbis has the extensive resources required to help clients to identify and trace financial and physical assets.

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