” IntraOrbis and its staff display high professional and ethical standards. The level of advice and expertise offered by them generally exceeds that provided by similar companies. ”

Global ACF Program Investigations & Enforcement Operations Manager

IT Company

IntraOrbis has the expertise, experience, specialist skills and established assets to deliver a wide range of undercover investigations, where lawfully permissible, throughout the world.

Undercover is a misused word and an often misunderstood investigative discipline. When used appropriately this can add value and cause maximum disruption to manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of counterfeit and grey market goods, professional fraudsters and smugglers.

“Specialist Business Facilities”

Central to the success of this type of investigation is a unique suite of investigative resources, known as ‘Specialist Business Facilities’ developed by IntraOrbis to support covert engagement within supply chains to obtain the best evidence, disclosable and admissible in appropriate court proceedings.

Confidential Source Management

We recognise, understand and mitigate the risks of using confidential sources, and we have extensive expertise in the recruitment of passive and active Confidential Sources. Management of individuals supplying strategic, investigative or tactical information is always conducted in a lawful and ethical manner, in keeping with clients’ needs and aligned to established law enforcement best practice.

Detailed reporting and evaluations

We collect, evaluate and interpret all the information gathered, and provide comprehensive and timely reports complete with recommended actions and professional assistance in the implementation of solutions.

Law Enforcement Liaison

We have established relationships and Information Sharing Agreements in place with Law Enforcement Agencies, and regularly attend raid actions, authenticate seized products, provide statements and provide short-long term secure storage.

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