IntraOrbis is a global investigations company, providing investigation services for leading corporations threatened by intellectual property infringements, grey market, counterfeiting, theft, fraud and other associated risks and threats.

Our clients are from sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals, food, mining, legal and safety & compliance. We provide a global service, with strategic partners in twelve countries and investigators throughout most regions of the world who meet our standards and share our values.

Operating to the highest standards within the industry

Your reputation is safe with us. While those trading in grey, counterfeit and fraudulent goods ignore, bend or break rules, we will not. Your reputation (and ours) is central in all that we do.  Our investigations are lawful, ethical, auditable, transparent and admissible in a court of law.

We operate in full compliance with:

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1997 and the Bribery and Corruption Act 2010
  • All respective laws and rules in the territories in which we operate
  • European Convention on Human Rights

Our investigative services:

Strategic data collection

Investigative due diligence

Evidential purchasing


Undercover investigations

Specialist Business Facilities